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I need some find fact finding questions?  This is my first car salesmen job.

A member sent in this question.  "If the product is right and the sales presentation is right, then there is no need to close the sale, right?"  Please discuss.

What is a Good art of Handover, Customer walks in and explains to me and I have to handover to one of my sales guys.


Do you have any advice on how to craft a really dynamic "elevator speech"?  I'm in a Business Networking International (BNI) group, and we have our 60-second "manager minute" that we do each week.  How can I make it most impactful, keeping in mind I'm selling THROUGH, not TO the group?

Calling on utilities to sponsor training for first responders in their area. They like the training but will not commit to getting started.

Sometimes I get what I think is an objection in the middle of my presentation. Should I try to answer the objection then or is there a better way to handle that?

I have heard of feature/benefit selling. How exactly does that work?

Is it better to try to sell by comparing my product to my competitor's product or to demonstrate my product and see if it will sell itself?