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Do you have any advice on how to craft a really dynamic “elevator speech”?  I’m in a Business Networking International (BNI) group, and we have our 60-second “manager minute” that we do each week.  How can I make it most impactful, keeping in mind I’m selling THROUGH, not TO the group?

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May 24th, 2011 on 9:25 pm

Hi Bob,
I’m a new member here and I think I have some good advice about this Elevator Speech question. I am currently in college working on my AAS in Business Management, and one of my current classes is Sales Principles. Here is my assignment for this week:
Preparing an “Elevator” Presentation

Prior to getting involved in networking, it’s a good idea to prepare (write) an “elevator” presentation (using your textbook and Internet research, find examples of “elevator” presentations). This is a 30-second “pitch” (when read out loud) that summarizes what you want people to know about you. In preparing it, you might think of yourself as a “product” being sold to an employer who has a job opening. Make your presentation upbeat and brief. Who are you? What are you currently doing? And what type of work are you looking for? Practice the presentation alone in front of a mirror.
I know from prior experience in BNI meetings that you do get a 60 second window to work with. With that in mind I would advise you to begin by telling the group what you do, followed by what problems you can solve for them, and last how you can fill the bill for the other BNI members and their clients who they will refer to you.

Just remember to make it upbeat , brief, and practice it in front of mirror before your next BNI meeting. Practice makes perfect.
Hope this helps you. Now I am off to write my own “Elevator Pitch”. My challenge is my time limit of 30 seconds and being brief.
Mrs. Reilly