The “T.O.” Turning Over a Prospect to Another Salesperson


What is a Good art of Handover, Customer walks in and explains to me and I have to handover to one of my sales guys.

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December 8th, 2011 on 12:55 am

A prospect will most often prefer to have the first person they contact to take “some ownership” of their needs. So when the customer comes up to you, you should act as if you intend to handle their needs. That would include asking all of the appropriate qualifying questions and using Larry Wilson’s “PDQ” type questions (see info on this technique in other articles). Once the customer is comfortable that their needs are being addressed, it would be best to tell them of the excellent knowledge that “one of your sales guys” has in their specific need. Then ask to be excused so you can check to see if that “other sales guy” would be available to help them. When you get with the “other sales guy,” you should give him a thorough briefing of what you have learned about the prospect’s needs and what you have told the prospect so far. Then escort the “other sales” person over to the customer and introduce him in a very positive way. Give a brief word of encouragement to the customer as to how good it will be to have this “other sales guy” take care of them. That is a strong “T.O.” (turn over).