Auto Salesperson “Fact Finding” Questions


I need some find fact finding questions?  This is my first car salesmen job.

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Bob Sanner
August 17th, 2012 on 3:23 pm

“Fact Finding” questions have two purposes. The first purpose, of course, is to better understand what your prospect wants, needs or desires. The second purpose can be to mentally move the prospect toward a decision that is best for both you and the prospect. “Fact Finding” questions can help you learn important “requirements” in the sales process: such as financial capability of the prospect or technical needs. Following are some examples of “Fact Finding” questions in general:

What will be the primary use for the vehicle? (It could be personal use or business use or both) Who will be the driver(s)? (This question helps you understand things such as ego needs [male driver of sports car] or safety needs [teenage daughter driving the car].) Will the car be used primarily for short trips or long trips? How many persons will be riding in the car? Is gas mileage more important than speed? What kind of weather will the car be facing? Would you find a quality sound system to be of value? How long do you usually keep an automobile? Do you prefer standard or automatic transmission? Is parking a challenge? Would you be needing space for suitcases?

You will find, with experience, that “Fact Finding” questions have a tendency to lead you down different paths. It would be a really good idea to take all of the questions that you can think of (or that others send you) and write them out as one question leads to another. You should end of up with different paths of questions based upon the answers to the earliest questions.

I wish you well in your new career in automotive sales.