Your F.A.B. Presentation Script


Well just look what you have done! Below you should find anywhere from one to 24 sentences that are word tracks for the Feature, Advantages and Benefits that you filled in on the form. Why are there so many different sentences? It is a little known secret that F.A.B. selling must NOT ALWAYS be in that order. It is often better to express the three parts of the sales script in a different order; for example A.F.B. or even B.F.A. We have designed this tool so that you will be given the ultimate number of options for your word tracks. Copy these sentences and paste them onto a document or into a text box of some kind. Print them out and read them carefully. Then you can decide which is the best series of sentences to use in your sales presentation. Now write your script, memorize your script, and practice your script. Remember, "All professional salespersons are totally scripted. But they have practiced, drilled and rehearsed the scripts so well that only they know that they are scripted. Their prospects have no clue."