Do Your Prospects Believe They Are Getting MORE Than They Paid For?


Have you ever noticed the “pitch men” on the television commercials?  The next time you see one, do not dismiss the commercial.  Pay close attention!  If you listen carefully, you will likely hear some “great sales techniques.”

For example, have you ever heard one of these “pitch men” saying something like this?  “If you order two boxes of our “Super Suds” dishwasher detergent today we will give you a third box free.”  Or perhaps you have heard something like this.  “Call within the next 10 minutes and we will include ABSOLUTELY FREE our handy dandy, super absorbent, long lasting, specially imported, virgin cotton drying towel to help get your “Super Suds” cleaned dishes perfectly dry.”

Now what is my point?  These great pros know that prospects REALLY want to believe that they will get MORE than they are going to pay for.  If you can find a way in your marketing or sales presentation to “build in” added value to your product or service, it will be far easier to close the sale.  Let me give you a personal example of how it works on me.  I have been buying nice business suits for decades.  I buy from the same store ALL the time.  I believe there may be a number of reasons like the quality of the salesperson and suits.  But, I can tell you one very interesting observation.  After each sale, the salesperson reminds me that ANY alterations I would like to have done on ANY of my suits will be done FREE OF CHARGE … FOREVER.  Additionally they remind me that, if I ever need the suit pressed quickly, I can simply come by the store and they will do it while I wait.  Have I EVER taken a suit in for alterations or pressing?  NO.  But do I believe that I was getting “more than I paid for” whenever I bought a suit?  Absolutely!

Help your prospects believe that they will get more than they are paying for and they will help you make a lot more sales!

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