General Sales: Is Selling a Science or an Art? Yes!


Is Selling a Science or an Art?  Yes!  How is That Possible?

The strategic use of words to modify thinking and thus behavior is a science.  The manner in which the strategy is executed is an art.

Is selling an art or a science?  Yes!  How is it possible that it is both?  It is possible because it requires both disciplines to be done well.  If we agree that selling is a communication process, then it becomes easier to understand how it requires both science and art.  It has been well documented scientifically that communication is made up of different components.  Those components are: the words we use, the way we use the words (tone, inflection, emphasis, etc.) and our body language.  Interestingly the words we use make up only 14% of how effectively we communicate.  The way we use the words plus the body language makes up the other 86%.  Therefore the science is strategically engineering the words we are going to use and the art is how we deliver those words.

A definition of selling: It is the process of educating a pre-qualified prospect as to the features, advantages and benefits of a product/service and persuading the prospect to purchase.  Please notice that selling requires the blending of two processes.  It requires educating AND it requires persuading.  Educating alone will not create a sale and persuasion without education is an exercise in futility. My goal in this site is to give you some pre-engineered “word tracks” that have worked for many professional salespersons for many years.  Those “word tracks” are artistically designed to persuade your prospects to buy your product/service … now.

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