“Been There … Done That”


“Been There … Tried That”

Do you sell a product or service that has similar products or services available from other sources?  If your answer is “Yes,” I am certain you have heard a prospect say something that sounded like this: “We have tried that and it did not work.”  Of course what the prospect is saying is that they have tried something “similar” to your product or service and were dissatisfied with the results.

There is a wonderful “word track” that has been working for salespersons for many years that you might want to try here.  It would go as follows:

Prospect: “We tried that and it did not work.”

You: “Mr. Prospect, investing in the right solution is important isn’t it?”

Prospect: “It certainly is.”

You:  “Mr. Prospect, let me ask you and unusual question.  Do you like steak?”

Prospect:  “Yes, I do.”

You:  “Have you ever ordered a steak in a restaurant and gotten a bad steak?”

Prospect:  “Yes, I have.”

You:  “Have you stopped eating steak?”

Prospect:  “No, of course not.”

You:  “Let me suggest that you not throw out “our steak” until you have tried it.  I can serve you well with our product/service.  Give us a trial order and it will be like taking the first bite of our steak.  If you do not like it, do not order any more.  If you do like it, we will be delighted to serve you from then on.  Would you prefer to have your first order delivered this week or next week?”

Great sales techniques are not only “money makers” they are often fun.  I hope you have an opportunity to use this technique.  You will never forget the expression on your prospect’s face when he realizes he is in the presence of a real professional salesperson.


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